Trip to Liang Court

Note to self: You can’t trust Terry’s words too much. *shakes head in disbelief*
Those who know this joke, kindly laugh aloud and shout “YES!” x 3 times in front of your computer screen, I’m pretty sure I should be able to hear your agreement from here. Try it! 😀

For those who don’t get the joke, ignore this whole crap and proceed to the next.

Hop down to Liang Court this afternoon alongside with the lovely accompany of da jie, just curious about how the new Liang Court would looked like and of course, kill time since we are usually rather free on Friday’s afternoons. ~_~lll

First stop has got to be Liang Court’s Kinokuniya, for some reason I love this particular branch of Kinokuniya the most, not only it’s tranquil to be in there, there’s usually not much people there especially being weekdays.

I was intending to buy myself a Hatsune Miku artbook but it seems that this branch lack much of artbooks(or rather I wasn’t searching hard enough) but I settled with Emura’s latest manga「今日も明日も」 and SS’s September volume.

cute plastic bag is cute! = v =

cute plastic bag is cute! pardon those clutter on my desk. lol

I managed to restrict myself to cut down costs to buy manga even the temptation is going strong. v_v;;;
and did I mention that the kinokuniya’s plastic bag has changed into a very cute cat due to the incoming Christmas season? 😀

ps: new wordpress interface looks cool, but I’m having a hard time to get used to it x_xlll

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