I got on the wrong boat, but switched on the right moe

The first brigade guys are awesome!!! DDD:

…I’m referring to my current labu labu manga, namely Dolls from Naked Ape, which the latest work I have ever read about them other than Dolls would be Switch(which sadly got discontinued cause of some unhappy matters, i think =/)

was somehow being introduced this series after cosfest. Let’s just say my curiosity is pretty much pitiless, as my knowledge for one particular cosplayer made me ponder on what cosplay she is doing, and after much research and data work done, viola. Dolls, found 🙂

and the horror, Japan has released up till volume 6 while the taiwan published one is still struck at volume 3…):

ps: and yes, it’s yet another backlogged post again! ^^ll

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