If it’s worth doing, it’s worth OVER doing it

My favourite phase ever heard on Mythbusters! 😀

Unreleated; but looking at awesome cosplays makes me happy 🙂

(gotten from Riyu’s(cosplaying as Anya) blog, I’m in love with her CC and Miho’s Lelouch cosplay group. AWESOME DESU! :o)

Today must not have been a great day, cause everything was thought to have gone well good all turned into steaming pile of *insert animal here*’s dung. Today is really awful out of the awful-iest day I ever been through…or so I thought.

Was thinking I had a breeze for my practical test today. DANG, am I proven wrong. EVERYTHING JUST GOES WRONG. It’s bizarre, I tell you! Not only is the code all came out wrong, 30 – 50 minutes was spent upon NOTHING. Besides that, my stomach decides that it’s time to hold war within it to celebrate my misery, sweeet.(must have been that lovely bug soup ~_~)

=_= apart from bearing the strong urge of answering one’s nature call, I’m struck doing the darned code as each single cell of mine zoomed through every line of code just to ensure everything is in its rightful place. The first part was finally, succesfully executed~ but hey, only 40 minutes left for part 2 when your tutor still emphasizing on “you SHOULD BE doing the part 2 right now”  10-15 minutes ago. Worse part is that, the war inside my stomach continued to take place, and more serious as the pain is starting to get unbearable, with my palms starting to get wet with all those tension and the frequent “notifications” from the “army”, things isn’t looking good.

I even sent to the wrong class folder upon submission. =_= oh dear me.

Was supposed to go for a movie tonight, but coincidentally all those who managed to make it didn’t came due to crash of schedule and the movie outing is postponed to next week 😀 Thank Haruhi, imagine bearing the excruciating pain throughout the whole movie, madness! 😦

ps: I must have been too ambitious but then again, do I really have what it takes to be another Paul Potts? (of course not in singing like he do!)

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