Just to let you know I’m still alive and dangling

In case you are wondering why the lack of updates, that’s mainly because of persona 4. I mean really!

Then again, with work added in the equation, this means that the using the com is strictly impossible(although I did managed to check emails via my…argh..deskstop.)

Yes, I brought Persona 4 last week, Sunday as a matter of fact with the lovely accompaniment with the envious Wen. The soundtrack together with the game is totally awesome, but I kinda cringe at the price, meh. lol

Persona 4 is a totally new revolution(like…duh) Now with tons of additional features, I’m loving every second of playing it albeit the fact I kept “dying” in the process cause it was down to my itchy hands which wanted to chose the Hard mode. Talk about noobness. hmm.

I love the part that you can take a part time job but I still can’t get to adjust the fact that I can’t fight during midnight. Ahaha~ I’m really loving the persona’s designs alot, especially Yukiko’s. DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!

With P4’s rattles aside, these 6 days are one hellish nightmare. I don’t really know how to start with but it’s a depressing bunch of  6 days and I’m so glad I’m able to survive all these and am able to type with gusto right now. The irony~

Mind you it’s not the work load that I’m complaining about but rather it’s the social problems that is giving one hella of a headache to mind. It’s like some kind of plague you really wished to avoid but it is persistent to get into your way and annoy you. Talk about teamwork. I get all dizzy thinking all these, great thing Yes Man is here to drive my troubles to some far away unknown place.

That’s what I really loved about comedy, a great cracker is always good to light up your all gloomy day. While I do not have the luxury to get myself raging in anger everyday like my colleague, but at least all those bad things that happened within these 6 days had gladly disappeared.

Then again, I learned pretty much based on these infuriating 6 days. Be it physically and mentally(I hope!) I guess I’m still too naive and should really keep my eyes open and be more observant next time. I learned it through the hard way and I hope that all these better get etched into my tiny brain!

On a lighter note, it looks like I got quite alot stuffs to read, I got near 549 feeds to read off my Google Reader, 10 emails unread and I had yet to continue with my courses in iKnow! plus, reading friend’s blogs and catching up with their life updates. All these are so bad! 😦

I can get to rest tomorrow! I’m just so happy! Waking up 5.45am everyday is a pretty tough for me, you know! LOL!

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