Going up?

nah….I think it’s more of going down. I was referring to my Japanese. Man, few weeks of not using them and I got struck of saying $58.80 in front of the customers yesterday. OH WRY CANT I SAY GO JYUU HACHI DORU HACHI JYUU CENTO CORRECTLY?!!! orz. I was franitically jumping up and down in finding the correct word and the customers were pretty much giving me weird stares. T_T;;;;

So I thought to myself that I needed further practices and thus I began to challenge myself to watch videos without subtitles and even to the extent, try to translate the song which turned out to be an epic failure. Not all is lost though, I learned quite a couple of new phases in the process as well…so not that bad. >_o

I began to fall in love watching Japanese variety shows recently, I’m not too sure why I didn’t really like watching them previously though. Since Perfume had become my new obsession, so I went to search for their related shows and started watching as many as I could. To be able to understand near half of what they are talking about really motivated me to continue learning. Ah~ such sense of achievement….lol.

OT: *whimpers* A.S episode 13 is yet another heartwarming episode. ; A ;

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