Busy week ahead


uwah, Seventh Heaven’s melody is still ringing within my head. It’s so heartwarming to see how far Perfume had really gone through especially seeing those videos from the past using Seventh Heaven regarding Perfume themselves complied by the fans.  ;_;

Anyways, I’m finally done on what to be done for role-playing~ ^ 0 ^ Me and pt brainstormed alot and while time is short, we got down to the nearest topic we could get, which is a day of a student life. Initially, sensei didn’t really catch what we are saying, but after some hand-waving and explainations, she finally knew what we are trying to convey and commented that our speech is unquie, such statment that makes my day. XD

Oh crap, few hours later would be the starting of SWENG’s e-quiz…which I didn’t study much of it as a matter of fact. Ah wells, will try my best though~

  1. にアップ散策 一人一、以降 | 実際には 熱心私は定期的に|毎日|ブログ| |ウェブページ|サイト|定期更新されるウェブサイトの後、このブログを読んでの熱心。 情報 これはで構成されて含まれてい。

  2. あなたたちはになりがち何あまりにも私は本当に好き。 のこのタイプ 賢い仕事と!私|私たち| |私の個人的な私の| に君たち 私がしたみんなの作品素晴らしい追いつきます自身ブログロール。

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