HAPPY! is a show that is hosted by Perfume, the current jpop/techo/retro unit that I’m currently so into, together with Nishoka(comedian) and Nao-chan(one of CAMCAM’s model)~They make a very cute combination as a matter of fact ❤

This is actually a short 15 minutes show that features things that can get the female viewers to be happy about. Seeing Perfume makes me happy too ^_^ haha! Speaking of which, I’m really terribly in love with their “Secret Secret” from their GAME album. Watching the MV just makes me crave for more Pino’s chocolate ice cream. * A *食べたいなぁぁ…

The making of Secret Secret’s MV~!

Not too sure when this actually started but I guess it’s around the starting of 2008?(Pardon me if I’m wrong) and it ended before 2009 starts as well..I couldn’t really recall their new show’s name though, guess I need luck to find out. This show initially started off with the celebrities’ favourites that has been featured on their blog that made them happy, be it food, pets(who knew Kashiyuka-chan possessed 2 lovely hamsters?) and then at the later episodes, it much turned into like a love consultation session, whereby one or 2 love gurus(all guys by the way) would plot out some scenario and the girls would have to act out and they will be graded whether they have the techniques to obtain the guru’s heart. I really love this part because it’s either ended up in awe or in ultimate hilarity, especially when the guru goes all mo`e and goes ” 一本!” which I guess it should be kinda like SCORE! *reminds me of Teddie’s “score a hot stud” thingy…haha*

currently, the episode that I’m catching is the cooking lessons with Hirano Remi(she whips out awesome stuffs, my mouth was literally watering on the part when she’s cooking in action * A *)…still trying to figure out what does 召し上げれ means, guess I will find out soon enough. :3

This show enabled me to try learning conversational Japanese and the frequent quoting words appearing helps alot too. I learned quite a couple of new words each time I view a new episode. ^_^v

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