Journey back home.

It takes 13 songs(average time being 4 mins) from Bishan mrt to home.

and lol, I dun really know how to start it, but my first maiden(????) journey home back on foot from Bishan is a very special one…or rather…on a normal’s view, it’s downright stupid.

lol. Thinking back, I must have been too tired to think that common sense isn’t getting through my brain anymore. I dun really know how to start describe my “special” trip but I realised I have brought home a worm with me without knowing it until I was playing with my collar until I touched something squirringly and soft, while happily playing P4. My first immediate reaction was to fling that then-unknown-thingy-X outta my shirt. Being curious what that I had threw, I searched over the floor, and being the floor having marble prints, it took me longer enough that I actually threw a worm. D: Oh gosh, I even thought it was dead. I continued to play my stuffs though, but I managed to get this curious thingy(bet it never been to a human’s home before. XD) outside my parents’ plants before this thing freaks my sisters out….now, hope nothing happens to my parents’ beloved plants…hmm….

I think I’m getting sick soon….well…that’s just a wild guess though. =/ Thanks to da jie for making the 5 of us having lunch possible!~ wakaka!

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