Peaceful Day

Today can be considered quite an awesome day spent, although nothing fantastic really happened. I guess I just love going out with my family. haha!

I slept away almost half an afternoon not before until my dad woke me up. Talk about sleeping late, been ages since I last did that…I guess sleeping at 5am yesterday night is the main culpirt. But for today, I shall sleep early and hopefully…I won’t be late for tomorrow rehearsal. (I’m hearing people snickering now…=/)

Then we went down to lor 1 to eat dinner. Oh gosh, that fresh oysters are LOVE. It’s just so fresh that you feel that you are in heaven. The taste is simply undescribable! Gotta bring my friends there to eat there sometime. It’s quite an awesome place for a neighbourhood environment! 😀

Then it’s a walk at central where we venture our familar places, actually we either go to courts or converter whenever we get to walk around central. Converter really is a place of hidden treasures! I managed to find Taiko no tatsujin japanese version in there. I’m really suspecting there’s quite a number of people who played Japanese games in my area because I seen quite a couple of Japanese games in there everytime I passed by that place, to the person who is willing to sold off your copy of Taiko no Tatsujin…you are a very kind soul! I have been looking far and wide for this, only to know that it’s all sold out. x_x

And I just only realised that there’s SOYA and Cosplay Challenge…like today. LOL. I’m really am very bad at remembering dates, but heck, not that I’m that keen to go at the first place. But most of the cosplayers looked pretty accurate though, guess for now I just stick to oggling them online…oho. I sound so much of a stalker…LOL.

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