Presentation afterthoughts

since both brenda and pt posted their after thoughts, I figured that as a part of the team…maybe I should follow suit as well…hmm.

Anyways, this presentation had ought to be worst presentation I ever had. Throw in a yawning teacher and another who nods in a weird manner should tell you a thing or two how disastrous our presentation went. Even the words that I muttered sounds so chopped up and of all times, word-struck decided to strike within me and I just simply can’t find another word to continue my presentation due to my sudden over-whelming nervousness. And you know, having two teacher staring blankly at you just wouldn’t help to keep that monstrous thing down. -_- so yea, epic failure this presentation had turned out to be. ARGH

Then again, I seriously didn’t pine high hopes on my performance, simply is because I just can’t hold enough confidence to present my own part. Just a few pokes from the teacher and loopholes came spilling out in a never-ending manner. I am teh phail in logic! HORRAY.

and lol, publisher is your friend when it comes to doing brouches….This is my first time using it and thank god that’s a wizard to guide me through. But hey, at least the teacher was shocked when he saw that brouchure,  which kinda like our motive to do so. 🙂

  1. hahaz.. our team is united wor.. all post and complain together, well, except fer 2 ppl.. lolx..

    well, at least nth went wrong with ur ppt… and that teacher is really buay tahan.. hai kui i kinda like him at first.. *slap*
    at least, its all over..

    • tsun13
    • February 3rd, 2009

    lol! not like the both of them liked blogging in the first place.
    and we also have a blog-hopper within us. *rawr*

    anyways, now that everything is dealt with and over, let’s just forget it and enjoy these few days of tranquil and peace! 😀

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