0131’s 気になる子ちゃん

This week, or rather last week’s kini naru is totally hilarious! I don’t know how many times I laughed plainly on just 1/3 segment of it and it’s also informative as well. *someone really needs to get this subbed!!! MOAR PERFUME LOVE PIRISUUU!!!*

A huge load thanks to kotaro5026 who had been faithfully adding every week of kini naru~!
オッ(´・д・`)o チュー(´ゝз・`)ノ⌒☆

and yay, I realised うp means ‘upload’, another 2chan phrase to add into my little brain! XD

Today I learned something new, that is why most people will go wobbly once people tickle them from the sides. AND LOL. Chihara-san looked so terribly cute when Daisuke-san came attacking him from the sides. SO CUTE LA! And now we also know that both Nocchi and Kushiyuka can’t take this too. Especially Kashiyuka, who tried to flee from that tickling away from another female contestant!

And actually, the reason why some would go weak and began to laugh in an uncontrollable manner and starts to dart in all directions is because this is an natural reaction to defend oneself. And because the person who got tickled up knows that the “attacker” isn’t an enemy and thus such act is actually giving out a “I’m giving up, so stop it!” kind of message. I certainly didn’t know why is that so not until I watched this show. haa~

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