Not all is lost.

Been ages since I last kept my table tidy...huh.

Been ages since I last kept my table tidy...huh.

Was supposed to sing karaoke at cash studio only to realise it has been demolished. As shocked as how my friend were when we finally reached there, it’s amazing how we changed our plans and decided to head home instead.

I then realised I was very near Central, so figured might as well go around there just for the sake for not going home that early. Then again, upon reaching Central, I kind self-agreed on myself that Central just doesn’t have much place for me to explore, thus, I walked to Liang Court without much thoughts.

And aha, Liang Court is still as empty as I thought to be.

I wandered around the area, the usual you-know-where, and it’s not long until I realised something. Yes. The Persona Club book, but the main thing is that it’s at the top shelves and I really doubt I can really take it….okay, probably I thought I might look stupid trying to reach out for something I can’t reach. hur hur. I initially thought this was the artbook that I was looking for, but it wrote “superior guidebook” at the ebi. Thinking that I was lucky because this means that I need not refer to the online walkthrough from time to time. DANG I was proved damn wrong once I relieved this book from its uber tight plastic packaging. This is somehow, somekind of mixed up illustrations posted up by P4’s fanatics, peppered with a few information on Shadows and mostly they are biography about the characters.

I kinda liked the idea that they kinda “personal-ize” their character much more like face book-ish kind. Kinda brings you closer to the characters. The official posture of Dojima-san…*starts to swoon*

Although this purchase turned out to be much more of a disappointment(since it’s not a artbook, neither is it a guidebook) but at least it kinda made my day. Especially the blood type B book, damn it! It’s just so freaky because most of it comes out true!  D: And it’s finally translated!~ whoo~ Was intending to buy the japanese version, but I kept delaying and delaying because my japanese ain’t that good to read such books. v_v

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