I knew this is coming

exact feelings felt for a split of a second. LOL

exact feelings felt for a split of a second. LOL

Rages and curses people, today’s the Friday 13th!

I knew things aint going smoothly since I saw a black(actually quite a couple =/) cats, argh!

haha, nah. Just kidding, I’m not that superstitious though, really.
It just that my slipper strap had to come out loose today, out of so many days.
Great thing there’s something called the super glue, or I wouldn’t know how long am I supposed to act as a limping person.
And it didn’t help much when your friend couldn’t stop laughing and giggling at your “protruding” slipper strap. At least she’s kind enough to help me buy super glue. haha! 500lb of force is only possible when you applied lotas(almost half of that small puny tube) glue in it. Learned that thru the hard way though -_-
bad friday or not, today’s my youngest tyrant sister’s birthday. We went through various sports shop(brand is her current fad, seriously, teenagers. ARGH *whine like an grandma*) and couldn’t think of any appropriate stuffs for her since it’s way off the intended budget.
actually we do, but it’s kinda riddiculous. Me and my 2nd sis was laughing the whole way because we are planning to buy various riddiculous stuffs, like dart boards, hockey knee-guard(which I mistaken for her volleyball’s), flashy sportwear(inner joke, only my family understand this underlying joke. LOL)
It’s really very hard to buy stuffs for this younger sister of mine since she already had owned what she already wanted.

but we managed to get her a bag, since she kept pestering my mum to get her a new school bag as she complained it’s too old(try mentioning this to my mum during our days, canes strokes are what you get) but my mum didn’t get her anways. So yay, a bag we got for her.

first time hearing her saying a geniue “thank you”(that’s why the word “tyrant” is for anyways) but hey, at least I’m glad this is a happy purchase. LOL

  1. hmm.. perhaps i came together with the friday the 13th package?? lolx…

    no wonder i saw soo many black cats today.. coincidence maybe??

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