and because you promised

apparently, insomnia hits me again. kya…couldn’t really count the number of times I kept tossing and turning. I realised that I tend to head to sleep faster if I didn’t used the com, but because due to my extreme short attention span, I couldn’t help but to get back to my com’s side again. haa

currently I toggling watching between P3’s and P4’s ending. Both are sad because the Main Character had to leave. OH WRY?!

; A ;
P3 ending really took me by surprise because I didn’t realised one can view video walkthrough on youtube not until I played Resident Evil 4 which is only after I started playing Persona 3 Fes. P4’s ending begun to pale in comparison probably I now realised that in Persona series, the Main Character is bound to leave again, just that he’s not gonna die under the warmth of summer where it’s filled with sakura petals.

Probably, just a wild guess, maybe there might be Persona 5? For some reason, I’m thinking the main color to be purple. haha. But who knows? Maybe there’s really such plan going on.

and oh, suddenly remembered that the reason for this post is to post up something that I just drew on a whim just yesterday night, I was so confident to give myself a “Valentine” theme but failed miserably, I tried drawing my favourite couple from W Juliet(Ito & Makoto), Ito looked fine but I can’t draw a femine yet manly Makoto, so I re-drew everything and start to take out as many resources(mangas) to reference guy’s hair since I couldn’t drew nuts for guys. Thus those supposed “guys” turned out to cline on the femine side. LOL
I kinda seek to draw freely, I can’t really explain what is this about, but it just that I realised my previous drawings seem to be very rigid kind, resulting in inflexibility. Even though this is purely for hobby, but I just couldn’t understand why I’m forever struck in one corner although the inner self have been trying to push myself to go beyond my own limits.
so after hours of erasing and starting all over again, I came up with this, took me 2 days to draw but it’s kinda meh piece. ._.

Pinky promise, you remember?

Pinky promise, you remember?

the guy looked kind listless though.(having the “draw bishie!” rapidly in thoughts doesn’t help much)
*coughs* allow me to explain a little background about this outta-whim kind drawing.
I kinda liked the idea(xxxHolic, anyone?) that your pinky finger represented promises and that the string meant that an establishment of promise had been made. Had been heavily influence by Zone-00 stuffs(yea, do know it ain’t obvious) as well as kuroshitsuji(half-assed copy of hair and eyes) and ta-dah this is what came out. The guy is supposedly holding a bouquet of flowers but since I’m really weak at drawing real-life object I decided to crop and the above result is the final result.

kay, drowiness had finally hit me, I guess it’s time for bed. *yawns*

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