What a drag!


Argh! This is really acting on my nerves, if there’s such a time, I gonna give that rascal a piece of my mind.
With you around, I shan’t go anywhere! Even if its road is paved with real pure gold bricks, its river runs with red wine, *insert fave things with reality here* I wouldn’t move a inch because you are around!

I rather weave tons of lies, make up indefinite amount of excuses, than to go out with you!

And I’m feeling frustrated, not only because you acted on my nerves, because I have alot of evil methods to deal with you registered in my brain, but never it did, came outta my mind.

Would you even please just get out of my world for once? *insert your religon faith here* blesses you in whereever you go, but please never intrude here again. kthxbye.

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