10 top reasons to hate Perfume

ONE ROOM DISCO!!!! DDD: Set to be released next month! I'm yearning to see their "Budokaaaaaaaaaaan Live" dvd though :d

ONE ROOM DISCO!!!! DDD: Set to be released next month! I'm yearning to see their "Budokaaaaaaaaaaan Live" dvd though :d

Chanced upon this thread while surfing the Chinese forum which is also dedicated to Perfume(and Capsule), while I thought how this poster is trying to seek his/her death by posting on Perfume-dedicated forum, at the same time, I also am curious as to why is there a need to hate Perfume for.

But who knows….
original thread here.


1st: They caused me to yearn them so much every now and then, resulting the death of most of my brain cells!


2nd: They are the ones who caused my eyesight to plunge significantly, because I faced the computer everyday just to watch their PVs and variety shows!


3rd:They made my mind goes weak and fragile, because I get sensitive hearing the word “Perfume”


4th: They made me not look up on the cute girl in my work, not even having a crush on her anymore!


5th: They caused me to have a seriously low memory in my computer because it is used to contain their photos, music and their concert videos!


6th: Made me contradict myself often because I do not know which pv or variety show of theirs should I watch when I’m online!

第七:害得我上课以及考试的时候脑子里都放着Perfume的歌曲(总能听见“Perfect Star~”等声音),导致我严重走神!

7th: Caused me to have my mind full of Perfume’s songs(usually able to hear “Perfect Star~” kind of tone), making it a serious distraction to me!


8th: Causing me to sit in front of the computer screen, absorbing all these harmful radiation rays day to night!


9th: Making me surfing faithfully to and fro Perfume’s web pages, Perfume’s Chinese official forum and also Perfume’s Japan official forum. Not forgetting meticulously trying to complete Perfume’s wiki, and all these only strain my eyes from being bad to worse.


10th: Always the main cause of making my Ipod’s battery flat, because I couldn’t stop listening to Perfume’s songs and watching their PV repeatedly!

Question: is anyone guilty to any one listed above? 1, 7, 9,10 happened the most to me!(although I kept having “Polyrythmn” ringing inside my head)

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