A tad too free

…in which I kinda forgot that I have my last paper pending on next Tuesday because I have been playing Persona 4(MC is running at level 50 odd for the 3rd time!)
and I just found a handy tool to leveling up but that’s only possible if I get to reach the last stage.(accidentally I see someone putting up a video about fusing Mara. Yes, MARA!!!!! erm. lol.)
for now, I have been crazily trying to max out all my party member’s social links(To think I managed to max out Kanji first, so surprised! I wanna complete Rise’s!! Her special technique only given when her social link reaches level 10 is uber handy!)

On the other note, clannad 19! Tomoya is finally willing to reconile with his father, the moment he said “It’s more than enough already!” to his dad really hits my buttons. ; _ ; it just makes you think how often have you treated your parents for granted.
I’m really liking Ushio’s character, I mean she is really mature for a 5 year old and she looks diabetic cute when she slept together with her mum’s dango plushie, although that had now become a constant reminder to tell us that Nagisa is no longer around to be with the family anymore. I get so heart ache all inside when I still see Tomoya’s wearing that wedding ring. it’s so depressing! just that I think it gets even worser until further episodes. T_T Why must it all happened in this manner! That;s the ultimate tearjerker scene can!? ;_;

p.s: I dreamed about my death once again, and it seems similar to the one I have dreamed about few years ago. Err…am I really dying soon? O_Oll I didn’t really dreamed how I really died, because I woke up the moment when I was about to wait for my pending death. But it’s a really very horrifying experience. Imagine yourself getting swallowed up in a hurricance, tsunami and earthquake buddled up! O_O;

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