Water Coloring

Managed to find a few couple of good brushes whilst clearing my room ages ago, so since I’m uber free, I thought to do some water coloring wouldn’t hurt.

AND LOL. I still can’t do water coloring yet. I couldn’t help but to laugh at my different colors on the face and the neck of the character I drew out of fun. Laugh at me if you want :

edit: and because I finally moved my lazy ass to do some scanning, I swapped the initial images taken with the handphone to this.

ignore the person next to it. gotta rather pissed off when I realised I drew everyone the same height! :<

ignore the person next to it. gotta rather pissed off when I realised I drew everyone the same height! :<

and because I couldn’t find a palette for me to put my water colors, I conveniently took an unused goggle case to substitute for one. LOL

But I kinda liked the eyes though...>_<;;

But I kinda liked the eyes though...>_<;;

  1. oo.. so cute..hahaz.. but it doesnt look like water colour to me,it looks more like crayon or colour pencil, those on the “dry” side de.. hahaz..

    nvm, u still hv a month to brush up on ur water colouring skills.. hahaz..

    • tsun13
    • March 1st, 2009

    Yea, because I can’t control well the “thickness” of the paint so thus it really looked like crayons’ work. *sigh*
    it’s such a rare occasion da jie came to comment on my work, I’m so touched! O///O
    one month huh….I’m such a dumb person, maybe take 10 years also cannot brush up, then how?

  2. huh.. getting a comment from an art 白痴, dun really hv to be that touched though.. lolx..
    if u take 10 years, then i’ll take a life-time.. but nvm, u can draw without the colours.. its also beautiful anyway..

    • tsun13
    • March 1st, 2009

    ; A ; <can you sense my touched tears rolling down?
    sank kyuu!
    even it’s for self-consolation purposes, your words still motivates me more to draw better! ‘ w ‘

  3. hmm.. i cant sense it lei.. hahaz..

    and its true.. kinda envy that u can draw so well, but too bad i dun hv the talent.. so i can only seek “solace” frm u.. hahaz.. did i even use the correct word..
    nvm, u understand can de le..

    • tsun13
    • March 2nd, 2009

    NUUUU! My drawing kanasai one! really, I’m nothing compared to people who can draw well. T_T
    who says da jie can’t draw!? how do you explain the balloon and the bird you drew over my paper? artistic what! *goes and dig out the paper now*
    and no…I don’t know what a solace….. ._. what’s that sia? LOL!

    • tsun13
    • March 2nd, 2009

    lol. couldn’t find that piece of paper, it’s currently lost in under the mess of my room ._.
    but I will find it and post it here someday!
    and lol, speaking of which, I’m not born with that talent to draw anyways(never were by the way ^^) but it’s just that I keep practice and practice, it was never perfect even at this stage but I just continue to practice. Guess if there’s a passion to things you want to learn, you will learn it eventually. I think I can dig out my old old drawings and you will know what I’m trying to say someday. 🙂 keep trying, da jie!

  4. hahaz.. those birds and balloons… u call it drawing..i even think a primary school kid can draw better then me.. hahaz..
    and i dun even know if solace was the word i was looking for to describe it, the word just came to my mind.. hahaz.
    p.s i dun even know what i wanna draw, so just dun bother.. lolx.. i see u draw can liao..

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