Resident Evil 5 : The Mercenaries


For the longest time, after clearing the game, I always loved playing this mini side game that Resident Evil series provides. Although playing this game set my parent’s eyebrow frowning, but I think killing those swarming listless zombies give me some kind of unexplained spur, a tainted sense of achievement(since we are on the topic of killing, of course) to keep me continue playing this side game umpteen times. Simply to put it, I love it!

Today is the very day that Resident Evil 5 went on sale, so there’s a last minute peek on what mini games to expect after clearing the game : The Mercenaries. It’s not very clear how many terrains you get to fight on, but it seems like unlike RE4, you can choose to go solo or have a 2nd player to play with you on a split screen. I’m also wondering if what other playable characters can we play with in The Mercenaries. In RE4, I loved playing with Hunk since he had that handy neckbreak move : D Hope he’s still around in RE5. haha!
Any hints on other side mini games had not given, but one can always wait for people to upload their gameplay on youtube to find out, yes? XD

via Famitsu & Kotaku

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