You know everytime I have a one-to-one conversation with my mum, I always tend to learn new things.

Like, how exactly both my mum and dad went out as a couple, to her beliefs in life. Every time I get enlightened and of course knew a bit more about my mum. I had such talk with my dad too, and I too, also learn his story of life.

None of my sisters ever heard of them before so this makes it exclusive material, to myself of course. Neither did I ever intend to tell them about it either. They need to listen them from the real source willingly. Or maybe I’m just plain selfish. And it’s kinda of a mysterious thing, because after tossing what they have been going through, their viewpoints upon several matters, the environment they grew up in, our bonds went stronger. I used to have the thought that our parents do not understand what we have been through, but I was totally dumbstruck wrong whenever I hear their stories. Probably my curiosity towards themselves had yet to cease, I guess. That’s just this “something” that keeps drawing me in to listen to them and understand them.Needless to say, I really love them(gosh this is so embarrassing!)

I re-read Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 2 again. It was no doubt, still funny and wacky even though this isn’t the first time I’m reading through. In the manga, it’s mentioned that the life you are going through now is actually being wished by your previous lifetime(joke or no joke) so I pondered to myself, if that’s the case, could the previous “me” actually wished that I have a normal life, like what I’m going through now? So does that means that I was filthy evil rich or just pathetically poor during my previous lifetime? It’s quite of an interesting angle now that I think of it.

Come to think of it, I’m quite a lucky chap you know. My mum came from a very bad family whose father used to gamble all his money away during his richest days even though he knows he had a family to run. Her mum was also an agreesive gambler who too, like my mum’s dad couldn’t heck the less of the survival of their children. Her siblings including herself grew up under the hands of her grandmother who, although is very strict, managed to give my mum a great upbringing(not too sure about the rest though) before she goes astray. And because of that, she managed to complete her basic education(she graduated with average scores lor! so she can’t blame me for getting such scores what! D:) and because she knew she had to study more in order to have a better future, she studied more in the evening school, and that’s how my mum met my father(who, well, nearly went astray during his teens too)

Although it’s kinda sad that my mum had to go through such bad childhood and youth, at least she didn’t mimic what her parents did to her. She did much of the opposite instead. There’s quite a few times when she narrated what goes through in her life, I felt like crying but because she’s just in front of me, I kept them back. From then on, I just realised how fortunate I really was, and stop taking things for granted.I’m thankful I’m able to hear them say such things to me(they don’t mentioned any when at home either, it has to be a one-to-one talk) because I know I will regret them if I didn’t because by then, it would have been too late.

kyaa. I rambled a tad too much. But I guess no one is bothered to read my incoherent writing anyways. haha. If you managed to read until here. Whoa, you’re an awesome reader. 🙂

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