Crowded Day

Knowing it full well today is the last day of the IT Show which is held nearly every 3 months, I still went down and join the crowd and play the elbow tagging game. Seriously, I was brushed(read: violently) across and have my slippers stepped on 3266427364 times today, but hey, with most of the computer accessories with dirt cheap prices and sucking people like bees to honey…,no complaints here!

Sony’s Rolly had finally hit the shores of Singapore!!(maybe it did long time ago, but this is the first time me seeing it physically. >_<;) I always wanted to have a close look at this cutie, and I really did! It was so cute!! Here some videos showing Rolly in action playing Perfume’s songs!!


3 Rolly doing Electro World! AWESOME!

I brought a 320Gb hardisk and a headphone mic(since it’s $3 only besides, my com’s mic is totally trashed, so why not?) I went there to check out the tablet prices and it turned out to me that there’s only the Waccom and Introus booths around ; A ; My parents brought an awesome massager from OTO though.

    • Shion
    • March 16th, 2009

    Waa… (0A0)
    you counted how many times they stepped on your feet….
    Three billion, two hundred sixty-six million, four hundred twenty-seven thousand, three hundred sixty-four times?!

      • tsun13
      • March 16th, 2009

      LOL! good effort made to make out the number I just randomly typed with my number keys, hmm…next time I shall try to type of a smaller value ^^;;;;

        • Shion
        • March 18th, 2009

        lol ya, three-billion seems too big a number. And I could probably note(no offence though) that your artwork is getting worse.
        (0_~)\ sorry if you felt offended.

          • tsun13
          • March 18th, 2009

          no offense taken! I kinda had that feeling that I’m not improving too =/
          *sighs* x_x

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