…only to realise I’m getting a pay which was previously what I had been getting these 2 years. Got a feeling I got cheated nonetheless. LOL.

Thanks to rac who is willing to accompany me together the interview(was still a little jittery when writting the resume paper) The person who interviewed me was rather mild(as in not really strict or something, neither am I sure is this a good thing or not. x_x) This will be my first time serving near the city area which neither am I sure whether is this a good thing or what.
So many things that I don’t know what to expect, a new environment. I don’t even know whether I can stick well with the people as well. So many things are left to uncertainty, I’m scared, yet curious to venture a new environment, new group of people to interact with. Yet, there’s are new things to be learned, new place to be accustomed with(at least for a month), my first time juggling within 2 jobs. My days to work while not having a diploma are seriously numbered. The thought of internships and final year projects nearing really terrifies me….I don’t want to end school so yet. 😦

My life, let’s just hope things turned out good from this moment(one can only now hope huh?)
and oh, I just did a short “eye survey” on my new workplace and realised that I might have to depend on my Japanese to talk to the guests over there, and so I thought of writing posts in Japanese and put words that I have studied in practice. Won’t do much, but at least I can get more familiar and add variety to my limited vocabulary to use while talking. hehe. And so, I established my own Japanese blog, the link can be found at the right though. :3 It took me 2 hours to do everything there. -_- Talk about speed. haha!

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