Quick post

…before I report to work that is. Here’s what happened at Day 1:

1)I was ultra quiet the whole day(hell yeah, feels damn awkward) and I realised that my voice just wont come out(not like the usual blast you tend to hear from me everyday) after hours of not talking.
2)It’s ironic that I can’t even say “arigatou gozaimashita” well! OH NOES!! DD:
3)Clark Quay’s night scene is fabulous though 8D
4)Was being exposed to a staggering list of 160 food items, but wasn’t forced to remember them just yet since I’m still a fresh newbie
5)I thought I could reach early and have my brunch…only to realise that I was too late for that and ended up running over to the workplace, causing me nearly 10 hours of not eating anything. Thankfully, my stomach wasn’t growling at a bit despite of all these. ^^;
6) There’s pros and cons in taking this job but if I were to merge the pros of this job and the pros of my another one…it’s perfect. Of course, there’s probably not such a thing huh?
7)to sum everything up…yesterday was a ronery day despite being April Fool’s….; A ;

one round of Rhythm Tengoku before I head to work! 😀

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