Yesterday’s work load was the best(aside the fact that I kept getting the table numbers wrong ^^;) because it was so busy that there’s no time available to mingle around with the people at work.

the girls seems to be telling me this: "May you knock on the corner of the tofu and die!"

the girls seems to be telling me this: "May you knock on the corner of the tofu and die!"

..maybe I should…..>_>

I duno, but I don’t think I can get along well with people of the same age range with me outside school. I don’t even know what topic should I even strike and the people looked so hip and all, my animu & others from the land of the rising sun talks probably wouldn’t appeal to them. I was instantly a sacredly cat once I’m alone, that’s how fragile and helpless I would be when I’m left alone. People who didn’t know me well would probably think I’m a mute or either that, anti-social.

so yea, it kinda sounds like an excuse to be emotional, but in actual fact, I’m kinda disgusted as to how weak I’m actually is. Which kinda makes me pondering that if I’m really spoiled by my parents or what. My current work is kinda relaxing and it’s actually half of the working hours as compared to my another job. But yet I still enjoy the days I worked in the another job even though their management really sux0rz but the colleagues over there really makes my everyday wonderful and not forgetting, joyful. Compared to bearing with the awkward silence….kinda evident that I liked the another job best huh?

Funny that I only start to realise all these now I just started out working on a new one. I’m so dumb and well, mock at me if you want.I brought all these to myself, thus I can only blame my own stupidity.

Should I really stop my childish-ness moments and end it off? I probably might get ticked off for such irresponsible action done. I feel so damn dumb right now. ._.

I want back my hikikomori life~ orz

sorry for being so bratty today. Well, every reason to be one before I turned 21(which is still quite long la!! XD)

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