Sudden Thought to…

What I want to do now is to print this into an omega big poster and stick it in my room. 8D

...print this into an omega big poster and stick it in my room. 8D BENTEN! BENTEN!

^reminds me of Benten’s  joke: “We, Yatagarasu(3-legged crow) can only be male since we got 3 legs~” [八咫鸟只有男的哦,因为有三只脚!]
so yea, all above are all guys, beautiful traps aint they?(okay, maybe two. XD)

re-read zone-00 again on the way to work today. Tried my luck to find out more about Kyoujou Kiyo-sensei but to no avail. I wonder why, I mean if it’s zone-00, I can still understand because not many know about this title(even I knew this title after I seen people cosplaying on this =x) but I couldn’t find any much either while searching through Trinity Blood too! *draws circles on ground*
And oh, for the record, I managed to pull wen into  Zone-00’s frenzy as well. XD

OT: Oh my, the new Hagane OP(“again”) by Yui is so good that I kept looping the song again and again.

  1. If Yatagarasu are male, are Nekomatas female?

      • tsun13
      • April 6th, 2009

      well…probably? The only time I heard of Nekotama is from Persona 3 ^^;
      It was a joke though, so I’m not too sure whether legendary creatures like Yatagarasu are male or not…=/

      • The yatagarasu joke was kinda “Lood”(pronounced like “dood”). But the nekomata was also a joke (albeit one I forgot).

          • tsun13
          • April 9th, 2009

          from where, may I ask? ^^;

          • From some manga I forgot. Read too many I can’t remember them all. (T_T)

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