2012, 2018? So be it

They say that the end of the world is nearing but then again, I strongly believe that if it’s your time to go, you eventually will leave this world. Although there’s bound to have regrets left behind(you have to agree that we humans are greedy at times), but isn’t this the cycle of life?
I could be calm typing all these, but who knows? I might be scared out of my wits after knowing my death date is near or something. Then again, this isn’t the point I trying to talk about today, just thought that I could put a disclaimer before I continue what I want to say later.

Need more images to decorate my space. XD

Need more images to decorate my space. XD

Okay, so maybe somehow or another, MAYBE the end of world is at 2012(MAYBE only ah, I didn’t say it will happen, but MAYBE) *touch wood* wouldn’t that made you have a spur to do productive things from now on? I mean even if there’s no such thing as whole world annihilation through tsunami or whatever natural phenomenon you can conjure, living in doing things that you like, I do think this is the kind of life that I want. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with wealth or high status(which I suppose I wouldn’t get a taste of it, not this very lifetime) As long I’m happy, today, this very day is very well spent.

So, I did the most productive thing that is within my means : Learning Japanese. Today is rather different from the other days that is spent revising Japanese. Because I get to converse with people and you know I get extra thrilled if I know I’m talking to a native(wahaha, I’m your standard weeaboo, plastering her achievementsconversations all over her blog, sank kyuu veri muchie~) So, in exchange(although my conversational Japanese really sucked to the core, thankfully, my partner was patient enough to endure 5-10 mins of me racking my brains to use the appropriate terms)I really learned alot like, if you think yakuza is popular in Japan, you will only make the Japanese frown because they find them as a national insult. It’s interesting that he pointed to me that Japanese people who came to Singapore like our paper chicken dish the best, and I told him I knew nothing about the existence of such dish. Purr-fecto. ._.

oh crap, it’s gonna rain again. GAH. And lol, I think my English is going from bad to worse….but meh. Heck la.

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