Life is Like Bowling

Can’t help to think of this while bowling with my family today. Bowling is pretty much interesting because you can have the same lane, the same ball, the same person playing it and yet you can get different results(be it strike or not). Of course that’s mainly because the strength and various attributes used(your position to hold the ball, the amount of thrust that is used to spun the ball in your desired direction)

and if you think that you are bad at bowling, you can always observe the other players in other bowling lanes and try to mimic how they managed to score a strike. Chances are, you are most likely will succeed. This is what I have learned since my mum played quite badly and managed to pull off quite good results after observing how the others played. Similarly in life, one can actually “study” the root to success of others and might better their life from there too.

I realised something interesting today too. There was this uncle that played off real cool, be it physically wise or aura-wise(lol!) He held the bowling ball using his right hand, and the way he held that ball was as if he’s holding a beach ball while his left hand was always at his back. He then swing the ball effortlessly and he got a strike, just like that. As you can see, it’s not your conventional way in bowling at all but the results was so stunning. Seriously, I think my hand would really break if I played his style. O_O
If you put this in the aspects of life, this is quite true. If each frame(10 frames in 1 round of bowling) is to be translated to the goals we wish to attain in our life, then one has their own unique way in obtaining their strike be it through the normal way or the unusual way.

I find it interesting la, if you can’t find in any way it’s interesting to you then there’s nothing much I can do huh? haha!

  1. Hohoho reminds me of my bowling days. My friends used to call me “Spiderman”. I still don’t quite get why though. They said it was how I threw the ball.

    Compared to my friends, I got the most 7-10 splits, and if that is a reflection of life,then mine must be difficult. (T.T)

    • tsun13
    • April 26th, 2009

    nah, don’t worry! I’m a bad player too XD
    but I think it involves a great deal of concentration and determination to play bowling, guess the reason that I pretty much score badly because I lack of these two factors >_<
    maybe you should try harder the next time you go bowling? 😀

  2. No chance of that nomore. The bowling alley closest to home (5mins on foot) was closed down, dunno for how long. Maybe forever (T.T)

      • tsun13
      • April 26th, 2009

      aww, what a drag huh?
      that’s so awesome if it re-opened again.
      I need to walk 30 min on foot to the closest bowling alley. hahaha

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