Slight Encounter with the Paranormal

…because the word “paranormal” sounds way better than “ghost” haha!

I didn't see "them" but not as bad if there are as cute as these >_<

I didn't see "them" but not as bad if there are as cute as these >_<

Ehh, actually the reason as to why I decided to use ” slight encounter” is mainly because I’m confused whether I’m having a extremely bad dream that it just feels so damn real or in actual fact, it’s for real.

I can’t help feeling that I’m so unlucky right now(since it was said that you have to be in extreme bad luck to see them) I couldn’t see them though(Glad that I can’t see them but I can’t help but to feel terrified because people is usually afraid to things they can’t see) but I can definitely feel something stopping my body from moving.

It was just my usual sleeping in front of my tv. At that point of time, no one was actually at home. And it’s actually board daylight at the point that it happened.

I don’t know is this the so-called 鬼压床(don’t really know the english term of it, but loosely translated, it’s ghost pressing on bed..err, okay, sounds rather weird, and it’s daylight some more leh!) because I knew that I wanted to move my legs but I simply couldn’t move a inch! It’s kinda feels like you got the urge to move but you can exactly feel like your body isn’t responding to your brain’s instructions! I was reminded that rac did mention something scientific about such things but when I remembered hearing a man’s mumbling and listening to my mum’s voice(!!) Even how scientific it sounded, it’s so horrible can? My tv was on then, but I can’t hear a single sense on what they are saying. All I want to do is just to go back to my nap. It feels like I was pulled down to something real deep and I got a tiny little thought that I might die soon(now that I think of it, I still don’t want to die this soon just yet)

To think I was still sane enough to think how could all this ghostly things happen even when the altar is just right behind me. lol.

Strangely enough, I found a dead lizard dying in the strangest way ever this morning. Are they even connected? Oh noes, I’m thinking too much in this whole paranormal thing! LOL, to think I pretty much proclaim myself as a believe science person. tsk tsk!

I haven’t told anyone about this though(well, they will after they read this) but it’s kinda interesting that I don’t feel a tinge of fear once I just woke up. Sometimes I’m so happy for myself for being too dumb to certain things. xd

Anyone has their own ghostly encounters to share?

    • rac
    • April 26th, 2009

    umm.. what i said was that, the brain is actually wide awake but your body is still in the sleeping mode, thus is cant response to the signals your brain sent out. could the voices be from the teevee?

      • tsun13
      • April 27th, 2009

      well, now that you mentioned it, there might be such a possibility but with that kind of nonsensical mumbling, at least the first thing that came to my mind wasn’t the host’s voice ah(was watching my favorite show, so can recognize the voice)

  1. Not exactly a ghost story, but rather connected to the ones not living. Not anymore at least. It’s just about my cat, and it’s a bit silly.

    I can’t remember exactly, the dream, but here goes. I’m in my front yard and I see a small pool on it. I approached it and saw my cat swimming. Then I see his (still living) Imouto jumping in. They frolicked along having loads of fun. Then the next scene was the two cats talking(lol) to each other, under a tree they used to sit under, the deceased saying to his Imouto “I’m fine now, I’m in a better place”.

    (T.T) Stupid cat made me so sad.

      • tsun13
      • April 27th, 2009

      sorry to hear you about the loss of your cat T_T
      Your dreams is really touching, ouch, I can somehow feel the pain right now ._.

    • rac
    • April 27th, 2009

    go google up sleep paralysis.

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