After all these ruckus…

I’m happy to state that my connection is officially back! \o/ say “no” to shar..erm…nothing.

I guess my withdrawal symptoms for the internet is quite evident throughout the previous number of posts during my internet-less days. Hur hur
I apologize that my previous post seriously made no sense. I must have slept-type(I coined this word in no less than a spilt second) because at that point of time, playing Facebook’s games(I have no life, thankyouverymuch) for 2 hours straight strained not only my eyes, it seems it did the same to my sanity too. hur hur.

I find it funny how one define a certain word in a gung-ho manner and can act in an utterly opposite manner when supposed situation came. I understand you will start scratching your head at this point but please don’t because ignorance is bliss. =) If this isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t not too sure what is. *facepalm.jpg*

few updates : I have been getting myself hurt unknowingly though they are just minor scratches. lol.
This week is rather cool because I saw legendary people from the internet(actually…only 2. LOL)one from school, the other was in the interchange. I actually felt happy looking at them despite not knowing them at all(as in personally knowing them) Probably deep down me, I’m just envious about them since their way of life is just the way I wanted to but it’s just that I couldn’t and they could. Life could be unfair at times, isn’t it?

ps: Actually, Finance class isn’t as bad as I thought, really!
p.p.s: I suddenly thought of a good idea to gather my old friends.(before my fyp and attachment does a fatal KO to my time) I might contact the whole group probably some time soon. Hopefully they are going to be free. >_< *fingers crossed*

  1. Say no to Sharapova?!

      • tsun13
      • May 9th, 2009

      BUZZ! Wrong!
      You wanna buy a vowel? :3

      • Hmm… How many letters ‘sit?

        Anyways, “I” !

          • tsun13
          • May 10th, 2009

          let’s see…7 letters in total. (anyways, it’s nothing special about that word so please don’t over-fry your brain cells)
          *hops back to host mode*
          “I” is it? Do we have the letter “I”?
          ufufufu, looks like we have one.
          Current status : shari**

          =====this is reality line desu======
          you sure you wanna try guessing this word? >_<

  2. lol Sharing is it? What’s so bad with sharing?

    And do I win an xbox?

      • tsun13
      • May 10th, 2009

      well…cause I shared something that doesn’t really belongs to me. hur hur

      yes! and you won an xbox! Here you go! :


      • Yaay I won an X……口….

        *rips apart random piece of paper*

        Aaaaah!! Iz gonna eat you liver, then your spleen, then….*goes on screamin while chasing wrong person*

        Something that doesn’t really belong to you…I’m thinking verry non-clean thoughts right now….

        your thrash bin?

          • tsun13
          • May 11th, 2009

          nooooo, i is no tasty plz do not devour me!!

          mm…kay. I was referring to the “borrowing” of my dear neighbour’s connection.


          • ooh, borrrowing legally or hush-hush like?

              • tsun13
              • May 11th, 2009

              guess I don’t have to explain further on these….do I?
              *wriggle eyebrows* 8D

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