Better give back our fella hor!

I couldn’t help but to laugh(and appreciate the creativity done by Mr Brown and team)

*this song may be offending but however, c’mon it’s just a joke, enjoy it! 🙂
If locals doesn’t get this joke….you probably had been living under a stone for a terrible long time.

check out their song here


We gave headstart
They said we’ll never catch this Mat
We had a solid tip
We knew he wasn’t far
Johor, Batam or Sengkang
Either here or Alor Star
All we needed was your men
To go and apprehend


When we catch him, we catch together
Told you we will find this bugger
Malaysia and we are friend
Give info, let you catch him back, was our plan
Now that we think we are so clever
We can be howlian forever
You faster give back our fella
You faster give back our fella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Give back our fella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Mas Selamat is our fella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
We like to eat Nutella
(Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)

We believe he improvised
Made his own floating device
Intel said he couldn’t swim
We think he float with biscuit tin

He was self-radicalised
He thought that he could hide
Balik kampung quiet life
We blame our long coastline


Want to win must win together
You and I are always brudder
Please don’t shy, you don’t pretend
If we don’t help, how you find him in the end
We are trying to be humble
Not that we would like to grumble
You faster give back our fella
You faster give back our fella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Stick like mozarella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Now we sing A Cappella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
You better give back our fella
(Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)

  1. LOL so fanni,

    “Intel said he couldn’t swim
    We think he float with biscuit tin”

    I could still remember the “How Mas Selamat could look like poster”, lol’d big time at the Phua Chu Kang ver.

      • tsun13
      • May 14th, 2009

      Pck is shown in Malaysia as well? This is one show that I never really expect to venture overseas seeing how singlish that show really went. haha.
      Haha, yea I can still remember there’s tons of Mas Selemat’s head photoshopped on various famous people. It’s kinda hard not to laugh at times. xd

      • Ha? PCK was so famous here, that we Malaysians decided to do our own version of it. But there’s only Chu Kang and Rosie from the original.

        I don’t mean to offend, but PCK was sorta the template if anybody mentions “Singaporean”, since I couldn’t go by anything else. xD

          • tsun13
          • May 14th, 2009

          I had seriously no idea they got so famous not until you mentioned this o_o;; They no longer broadcast it here anymore(probably trying to steer Singlish out of our sight. lol)

          hur hur, no offence taken yo! I also think that Singlish basically just represent us, more of like a slang thing(even though to the extent of breaking every original struture of English grammar and all) and I’m proud of it! (Though the govt said otherwise. lol!)

          • PCK already ended, at what season, I forgot.

            What to say? it’s even called “singlish”. At least that’s better than “manglish” a.k.a malaysian english, cos it sound…mangled. (=w=)

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