ufufufu…part 3


practicing for the 3rd time…pardon me for being a little too confident(you can bash me up later 8D) but I say..it’s improving? hur hur!
I guess it’s not long before I can get something colored! Yayness, I’m moving forward(well…kinda.)

I’m ending Boys Over Flowers like…soon? since I have 3 more episodes to go? But I’m still had yet to get enough of Ji Hoo and Jan Di, both of them looked so cute together. mwahaha!!

and oh, for those who are still wondering, I used Paint to do all these(aside from the first piece) hehe. I don’t really see the need to hide it from you(as in the you reading this) but I just get this urge to do so. You do have a choice not to play this childish game with me, but the answer will be slowly revealed….so…hehe. You will know it…soon enough 😀

ps: gosh, I’m so tired, but I need to cramp 3 HOMG HUGE chapters of iBanking inside my brain which is kinda on the edge to memory overload. meh.

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