It’s not a great deal

sure…25% isn’t so much of the great deal, this was what I did to console myself.

because if I didn’t, breaking down is the last option I had and I didn’t want that to happen since it’s meaningless.

I would like to extend thanks to Mr HZ due to his presence when I was about to cry like a baby. Just for information’s sake, I hate breaking down in front of people that I totally hate of.(and like eww…it’s Mr HZ! -_-) Thanks to his timely presence, I kinda went back to my old self again.(he’s like…sitting 2 chairs away from me in the lab…tell me I’m unlucky or what!!)

…and yet, why does my heart ached so much? I rendered myself useless and leave my marks bidding myself goodbye just as each minute passed by and yet all I can do is just to sleep my guilt away.

Fatal mistake I ever did in my whole life.

Probably it means that I need to start all over again…either that, I’m just plain stupid.

I’m deeply sorry for myself, you this pathetic bug! ARGH.

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