let’s see….not in chronological order though

1) Website’s prototype to be handed up by 6pm tomorrow

2)e-comm test tomorrow

3)Finance presentation on Wednesday(have I ever mentioned the GREAT LOVE I have for e-banking?)

4)project presentation on Tuesday

Do you know what’s the best thing? I had not done a single thing on either of the above yet! GG FOR ME! orz.

  1. and dun forget to include me!!~~

      • tsun13
      • June 8th, 2009

      that one no need reminder one la~

  2. I hereby proclaim that you have sealed your doom.

      • tsun13
      • June 8th, 2009

      thanks man, your words only made me know that my reality has turned harsher ; A ;
      kindly relate to my parents that I loved them once I’m dead. Orz

      • After yer dead eh?

        I’ll have to wait for a loooooooooong time for that…

          • tsun13
          • June 8th, 2009

          thanks for having the faith in me that I will live long ; A ;

          lol. I know it’s strange to say that! XDDDDD

    • rac
    • June 9th, 2009

    3: yes you did. countless times.

      • tsun13
      • June 9th, 2009

      did what? didn’t do my assignments? XDD

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