Sometimes, my mum simply can’t understand me at all. The thing is that, I’m tired. I’m truly am tired to explain things through to her anymore because the more I have to say, the more misunderstanding will be aroused by her.Probably because I’m lazy to do so already. I just got that impression that my mum can never get the full picture of what I want to say. Am I being too rebellious? lol ._. only I know it well myself. blah.

but I’m positive that she will someday know me. Somehow, somewhat. I kinda envisioned the day we can even talk things out like friends without that sense of awkwardness. Not that it’s not possible, but the frequency of such talks happened once in a blue moon. I duno why, but whenever my mum opens up to me, I ended up sobbing(not crying because it’s quite embarrassing to cry in front of your mum. LOL). My mum has a fascinating life story yo~ haha!

yayness….I’m almost done with the prototyping, just need more spamming on installments regulations and I’m outta this temporary hell(because I need to start coding it after 2 more weeks. WHOOTS! ;_; < my tears) and I feel accomplished. nyahahaha~

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