guess it’s time to pick up the pencil again. I have been ridden with stress for the past week that I neglected my usual doodling.

actually sometimes I wonder why  I had that itch to draw, or rather, the thought of perfecting my lousy drawing. First and foremost, my major had nothing to do with design at all(*coughs* okay fine, if it’s site design you are mentioning about, then it’s another story! *tries hard to avoid pending questions to come*) plus, to become a designer or anything related had never been my ideal job at all.

So why am I trying so hard for?

hmm…I’m still thinking an answer for this. =/ just a random question that came to mind. hur hur 8D

and wee~ I’m meeting my lao peng you-s this coming monday! A part of me is so excited yet another is disappointed because of the absence of some =( will work hard to organise another outing that fits everone’s schledue!

but hey, I’m a bad organiser x_x;

need to wake up wee early(please kill me >_>;;)at 8 in the morning because there’s a family gathering tomorrow.
butbut but…I still haven’t made much progress for my devil summoner 2! D:

am currently addicted and singing gibberishly to SS501’s 널 부르는 노래 < does not have an `effing idea how to even pronounce this -_-

but the mv is uber cute! 8D

  1. its pronounced as “neo buLeuNeun noRae”.. wahaha..
    and can u believe it, this the 1st time i’m seeing this MV, and OMG, the all were so young then..

    and btw, did u even put down ur pencil? lolx

      • tsun13
      • June 14th, 2009

      what a mouthful title. LOL
      the mv is so cute right! and lol. how young sia? this song around last year, no? O_O;

      ….I have not touched my pencil since..24 hours ago? LOL

  2. O.O ya hor.. it was only last year sia.. looks like they grow old extremely fast.. lolx..

    OMG.. only 24 hours nia..

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