East Coast Park

Before I start anything, I just want to say sorry to someone because I think I aggregated her in the middle of the afternoon due to my half-sleep-half-awake state, I didn’t really read the contents of the sms clear enough and nearly spam her with my phone calls. I’m so sorry! T_T;;; I didn’t also said sorry at the right time either(like…only mentioned until now ._.), so I hope she get to see this. T_T;;

브렌다, 죄송합니다!! m(_ _)m


anyways, today’s a damper….and I’m refering to the crazy weather, of course! D: With those dark clouds covering the whole sky which is dropping a huge hint that it will rain soon, eventually didn’t in the end. orz. We scrapped our cycling plans because of this! GAH.

(click to enlarge)

one of my favourites! ^^;

one of my favourites! ^^;

Interesting enough, we went so far to East Coast just to enjoy the sea breeze and…basically chatting. D: How lame! LOL.
But the things happened later compensated for the hiccup we got in the afternoon actually. For the first time, we ate durians at a very public area, as in no tables and was given a basket o_o very refreshing experience indeed.

We then went to a Nepal-ish restaurant(omg, no service charge! me like!!) which serve big servings and at a economical price too…think I spent less that $10? Shall bring my friends over there next time! Thanks to xue and Serene, I’m in love with their mo-mo as well, delicious! :d

  1. i’m sry bout that day too.. i was rather moody that day too.. *.*
    and, i love that name of that person u “죄송합니다-ing” about.. hahaz

      • tsun13
      • June 18th, 2009

      wah lao! so narcissist! lol

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