Just spotted this while watching some SS501 stuffs on youtube. LOL. It’s so funny! Although it’s a bit strange to say this but, Hyun Joong is a meanie leader! lol.
I’m not too sure if I’m doing a good job, so please let me know if I ever made any mistakes! T_T

not too sure who is who…but I shall label them as abc in accordance to who speak first. LOL >_<;

A: Good morning!!
Staff: How are you today?
A:  ermm..feeling very bad. *laughs* Nah, not really, I lied. Actually, I’m in great shape…yea, feeling good today
Every time when we hold our concerts, I feel….#@$ *loss at words*
Staff: feeling very happy?
A: Ah yes, happy! Everytime when we hold our concerts, I feel very happy
Please take more of our pictures!~ (he said sakusan which means acid but he was trying to say takusan which means more)
Staff: Thank you very much for letting us do so.
A: Because we are all genius, so everything is going to be okay for us! I see you all later! *waves* bye bye~
A:*later shouted something* oh, I’m so sorry *moves to next door*

B: Finally….finally what? Finally, it has started?
Staff: that’s right, finally.
B: Fina..?
Staff: Finally.
B:Fina…? *having difficulty pronouncing the words*
Staff : Finally,
B: oh, finally. It has started. Do I join these two words together?
Staff: It’s “starting”
B: Oh, yes, it’s starting! SS501’s 2008 Japan Tour danbureito furudeizu(no idea what’s this! DD:) Dance For…*laughs*
Actually, we also have done some preparation for our new song today too, so please look forward to it!~
Staff: So how are you today? (or rather asking what kind of state is he in)
B: Good but kinda sleepy…
Staff: *laughs* Please work hard for your concert!
B: *laughs* I will! I need to go and attach my mic now

Staff: How are you feeling now?
HyunJoong: I need to reply using Japanese?
Staff: It’s okay if you want to reply in Korean
HyunJoong: Since this is the 2nd round of our concert, I would want to show the audience a better performance than yesterday’s. I shall drink up this energy drink so that I can FIGHTING. Fighting! I will work hard!
HyunJoong: Now, I’m going to the toilet.
Staff: Oh! sure sure!
C: Ah, Kyuu. Can you see it?
Staff: Yes, we can
C: 3 minutes before the concert starts~ Ah, I’m so excited!
HyunJoong: What’s this?
C: You see, it has my name written on it! Kyuu!
HyunJoong: Kyuu don(beef bowl. LOL)
HyunJoong: Oh, there’s a letter..!
Hi dear KyuuJoong-oppa…
C: Hey, this is meant for me…
HyunJoong: But I found it inside!
*continues to read* I went for your hand-shaking session, can you still remember me?
C: …This is written in Korean by a Japanese fan
HyunJoong: *continues*So as to meet you again today…
C: Oh…stop reading!!
HyunJoong: to meet…So as to meet you…
C: It’s so obvious that you are reading it wrongly!
HyunJoong: See? KyuuJoong has threw away the letter! He threw away that letter!
…what with you?
D:…what am I doing? …what a meanie. He’s the most mean leader ever!
HyunJoong: What’s with you? Shieki~Shieki~
D: Shieki~ Shieki~
HyunJoong: Oh, just what’s with you?! Shieki~ Shieki~
D: ….so wrong! He’s saying something bad!
Oh, where are you all heading, faster come over already! There’s no time!! Faster!!
HyunJoong: We are prepared already!
D: come, everybody come in!

E: We will work hard!~
staff: How are you now? Do you feel good?
E: Actually…no. *laughs* Just kidding, I’m good. Have always been a full of energy person. Please…Please look forward for our performance!
HyunJoong: Let’s go! *stares at the bear* Are you going or not? You looked like as if you don’t want to do the performance…I shall do it myself. *walks away*
KyuuJoong: Kyuu~ Here’s what I’m going to wear today. Shh~
?: Please wait for awhile, there’s still another “horse” who…
Staff: here he comes, here he comes!
E: Will work hard, am making my move now~ bye bye
All: We are all making our move, bye bye~

?: 50 seconds before starting, please get ready to stand by~ Please get ready to stand by~

======the rest that has not been completed…will update later=====

ごめん また 君といても
I’m sorry, for I always
turn my gaze on others when I am with you
なんでかって 君は僕に 夢中だからなんて
Why would I even win? I guess that’s because you are in the middle of my dreams
……I was thinking of something like that

バカみたいだよ 間違ってたよ
I look like an idiot, but you are mistaken
I wonder if I should correct my image

ラララララ 君のこと 歌ってる ララララ
lalalalala Singing all about you lalalala
ラララララ 聴こえるかい? 見えてるかい? ラララララ
lalalalala Can you hear it? Can you see it? lalalala

※さよならの言葉 言わないで
Dont say words like “good bye”
staying with you again
道しるべは僕にとって また
Taking the guide from me, and again
we will start from your song

行かないでよ 振り返ってよ
Don’t go, please come back
君の明日に 僕がいないなんて…
If I am not in your tomorrow
電話もするよ メールもするよ
make a call, send me a mail
適当にやってきた 埋め合わせに
Do it in moderation
終わりだなんて 飽きただなんて

ラララララ 君のこと 歌ってる ララララ
lalalalala Singing all about you lalalala
ラララララ 聴こえるかい? 見えてるかい? ラララララ
lalalalala Can you hear it? Can you see it? lalalalala
ラララララ 君のこと 歌ってる ララララ
lalalalala Singing all about you lalalala
ラララララ 聴こえるかい? 見えてるかい? ラララララ
lalalalala Can you hear it? Can you see it? lalalalala
君さえいるなら 他にはもう
As long as you are around, I do not
want the rest, believe me!
This feeling that has changed so pure
I do not want to end this like a joke

だまって 変わって からまった 関係
A silent, ever-changing, involved relationship
待って! 待って! もうちょっと 笑ってよ
Hold on!Just hold on! Smile a little already!
遠くなる もっと 今よりも そっと 危険さひとりじゃ
You turn more distant, further than today and softly, moving alone toward danger
あぶないよ あぶないから
It’s dangerous, because it’s so dangerous.
ラララララ 君のこと 歌ってる ララララ
ラララララ 聴こえるかい? 見えてるかい? ラララララ
ラララララ 君のこと 歌ってる ララララ
ラララララ 聴こえるかい? 見えてるかい? 君の歌が

    • Kisaaaaa
    • June 16th, 2009

    hyunjoong >: )
    the kyuu person very cute! hahaha.
    kyuu don.
    AHHAHA. hyun joong is mean!!!
    🙂 fangirl mode sigh.

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