Productive day….?

*coughs* when I mean by productive, it just means that I did something for the day and not slacking my day away. Actually I think I’m really contradicting myself somehow or another. You’ll be the judge, kay? XD

both younger sisters were out for the whole day with my grandma and cousins so in the end, the whole house, there’s only me and my 2nd sister at home. We two slept the morning away actually. =x I could too, not until my 4th sister thought it was fun to call me near 10am just to tell me that there’s no dinner tonight. Surely she knew of an invention called “sms”? Apparently she doesn’t knew it too well, does she? = w =

Watched Eden of the East 10 just today. Couldn’t believe that I dragged my weekly habit of catching this because of re-watching BOF and Haptic Mission. lol. Either case, whoots! Just how long have these naked NEETS been held captive and why would they just burst outta nowhere? Endless questions just flooded my tiny brain and just as bad, not that my tiny brain can provide me with the answers needed. What could be as bad as managed a huge bunch of naked NEETS and having to run and hide that 60 missiles that is gonna hit your town in just mere hours? Sounds bad. O_O

Did another Tegaki post. ^^;

Did another Tegaki post. ^^;

I guess that what I really did for the whole afternoon.
Hm…probably today isn’t much as productive as I expected >_>;;;

Sorry that I lied! ; A ;

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