So hungry, the stomach growls ;x

Didn’t do much for the holidays(thus explained the lack of activities to blog which I decided might as well let this blog grow dust at the meantime. ^^;)
Thanks to Swine Flue, an extension of holidays doesn’t made me that happy either although I will be lying if I say I’m completely unhappy with it. I just need more sleep! *whacks self*
Feels like as if we were rejected by the school itself because they forbid us to return to school within that extended week of holidays. = w =

Gah, blogging in the night just makes me hungrier(for some reasons. lol.) Strange is that, I didn’t really stuff myself with food despite being hungry. I just let the hunger fade by itself and wait for the bed to beckon for me. lol. Maybe I just used to my house having nothing to eat = w =llll

Went buffet with da jie and terry yesterday. I’m seriously not a fan for buffet although I myself know that I’m a glutton for food(if it isn’t obvious) which is to say I don’t eat too much when I’m in buffet but stuff myself like crazy when it comes to ala-crate. I guess that’s because I got full mentally just by seeing those humps and humps of food available.
– w – I’m sure no one wants to invite me for a buffet ever again. haha.
And hur hur, I can’t help but to laugh when terry suddenly fell off the bench. It was so epic because me and da jie got to see the whole thing(maybe played in slow motion in our minds repeatedly)from how he fell till the embarrassed chap hurried back to his seat. *shakes head in disbelief*

now now, I’m talking about of food again. Damn. =x I shall stop here for today. lol

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