when I heard that my dear friend is suspected for getting H1N1. And given these times, no one would bother whether you are suspected or not, because it’s like a another way of saying “YOU GOT H1N1 VIRUS *GASP!*!!”
= w = turns out to be a bad scare(glad that she’s fine now = w =) and because of this silly scare, my another friend(happened to be close with the aforementioned friend) had to stop work and head home immediately. While I understand how fast this insane flu is spreading and how dangerous it is, at least get the facts right before sending her home what! How can you twist facts and claim that she is under suspicion for H1N1 virus when what she got is the common symptoms for flu? You nearly scared off that poor girl thinking that she got the virus can?! *sighs* Mindless people are mindless >_>

but because she’s and my another friend came from RP(which is almost like a breeding ground for H1N1, the cases of infected just never stop increasing!) they 2 are currently off bounds to work until the H1N1 wave has subsided. Haiz, now less 2 people to crap with in work anymore ._.;;

and something interesting happened at work today. Was intending to scramble off without Auntie(usually would wait for her but didn’t because was too tired to wait or rather, lazy to. LOL) it was only after the bus came and I just realised I was wallet-less. The silly me actually left the wallet in the workplace’s locker! D: Feeling a little annoyed,(because it means a long wayyyyyy back to the workplace from the back door again) I walked back to my work place again. Just so happened that Aunite is about to leave and then was rather surprised why am I still around. I told her what happened and she laughed it off saying that it’s fated and then goes on saying that next time must leave with her else fate will “pull” me back to wait for her eventually. How true is that? Hmm…maybe I shall try it next time 😀

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