Mr Brain


Finally know what does 脳になる means, thanks to bothhands-san! 😀

Anyway, yes. Mr. Brain! The drama that I’m currently feverish in love of after Boys Over Flowers. I initially started off this show because of Takuya Kimura(needs time to remember his name in Japanese because I’m so used to referring him in Chinese as “mu cun tuo zai”(木村拓哉))My fandom about him started way before I started out learning Japanese, and then there’s no such thing as streaming websites like now, so the only way that I can watch his shows are through television. Why…I got a feeling I got older.

Anyway, I seriously am unaware that of the mega huge cast that Mr Brain has, other than Kimura Takuya. It seems that for every episode, there are guest appearances made by various awesome actors/actresses(I know somebody is gonna laugh at this sentence. I’m pretty sure there sure is one going to. *wriggles eyebrows*) like..Gackt(his white teeth just shimmers in the dark o_o)Takeru Sato(kyaa~ I still think he looked quite alike to one taiwanese artiste, 何润东) and one of them is Yukie Nakama.


like…Yukie Nakama!!DDD: I was overwhelmed with delight when I saw her appearing at the preview for episode 5. The very first time I saw her was from Trick(which is still my favorite drama to date *blushes* because it contains 2 elements that made me so crazy about this show : Comedy & Suspense.  Okay, `nuff said.) And then from this to Gokusen then to Arifureta Kiseki, in which she transformed from a very hyper character to a very humble, near depression state kind of character. The transformation from each and every character is very different, but I think she pull each of them well which explained my delight of seeing her in Mr Brain.

Episode 6 really blew my mind away although the hint to solve the case was a little obvious. O_O and, I think their gunshots scene looked damn convincing, it’s almost looked like she’s using the real gun to shoot or something(I may have been detached from watching drama for too long that the old way of people shooting era(shooting those allocated blood bags and creating unbelievable bloody mess kind) has long gone away = w =)

Is it just me, or the last case is coming soon and it is going to have a span of 3 episodes? Quite long since the previous cases are usually within 1 episode or near 1 episode and the half. Hmm…=/

    • artie
    • January 11th, 2011

    There is only ONE reason to watch the show and that is Yukie Nakama! What a beautiful and talented actress! She’s really popular in Japan, she’s also starred in the Shiseido ads

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