Tidal Waves

these 2 days are rather epic. It’s like…I duno how to explain.

I once hoped that my life will be more vibrant than the monochrome days that I’m now going through, but didn’t really anticipated it to come so early!

It’s just one twist after another, oh man. I don’t know but this seriously feels like I’m really in a drama< but I’m taking the audience seat of course x)

最近碰到的人我是越来越搞不清楚。= w =lll

Reality is currently hitting me hard because it seems that i have like…less than 4 weeks to code my project. GG. So I guess, my free days are no longer there already which means no gaming for me at least for this crazy near 4 weeks period. 😦

FIGHTING!\o/ I shall curb my temptation of not playing Katamari Damashii!
and whoots! 2 more days before Cosfest! 😀

ps: I REALLY need to brush up my Chinese!!!! orz orz

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