erm…It’s kinda sudden but I felt really awful that I slept through the whole yesterday away.

Apparently, I actually threw up twice(what a right time to get sick huh? Since I don’t have to return school for the incoming week) and with a raging headache, these 2 came together as a lethal combination, uber lethal that I almost got KO-ed. I didn’t ate for the whole day(and because I felt nauseous each time I smell food) and my dear sister is sweet enough to cook up a delicious porridge for me when I said I was hungry(delicious is an understatement though, but *sniff-sniff*)

went to the doctor’s and was told that I was suffering from gastric flu but thankfully, I recovered(somehow) thanks to the plentiful(otherwise too much) hours of sleep yesterday which was the exact thing that I want to do once I reached home. haha.

I think having gastric flu is my stomach’s cue to stop me from eating too much…in which I will abide for now, but not for long. ^^;

ps: the reason why I said “somehow” is because that awful feeling is coming back again….argh. I need to rest again…..>_>lll

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