Random updates at a dead hour

*glances at time*

2.48 am. THE BLASPHEMY. nuu, can’t sleep nao.
*fact: the bed usually calls for me around 4am, I’m such an unhealthy individual, I kid you not 8D*

and I should seriously buy a mouse now, I’m simply going crazy using the touchpad! *flips table*
and something embarrassing actually happened because of the stupid(indeed they are, since they lack the brains 8D) touchpad.
Fancy dragging a dakimura picture without you knowing into a conversation window and you will understand. – w -ll The thing is, my dear friend who doesn’t know what a dakimura is, gave me the (expected) response of “YOU HENTAIII!!”. HARLOW THAR, sexy =/= hentai CAN?!*rushes to strangle myself*
I know this sounded weird coming out from me, but ahh~ I’m too lazy to explain. GIYF < rac just taught me this term. HAHA

and to my dear fingers: stop.freaking.habitually.press.spacebar. as.if.you.are.using.visual.studio.
man, bad habits(?) die hard. =/

oh hay, I’m even talking to my fingers, fantastic ain’t I? 😀

Moving on a sane-er topic, I finally know the term for this yummy food! It’s called Nagashi soumen(流し素麺) (bothhands-san, how can I repay you for teaching me so many things ; w ; THANK YOU!┏(;゚益゚;)ゞ あなたのおかげで色々習いました!♪感謝☆(人゚∀゚*)☆感謝♪)

and thus I quote from wiki :

The noodles are placed in a long flume of bamboo across the length of the restaurant. The flume carries clear, ice-cold water. As the sōmen pass by, diners pluck them out with their chopsticks and dip them in tsuyu. Catching the noodles requires a fair amount of dexterity, but the noodles that aren’t caught by the time they get to the end usually aren’t eaten, so diners are pressured to catch as much as they can. A few luxurious establishments put their sōmen in real streams so that diners can enjoy their meal in a beautiful garden setting. Machines have been designed to simulate this experience at home.

When I was watching at the video, it’s times like this when I have a sudden though to do something like that at my backyard….OH WAITAMIN. I don’t have one. orz.
And it’s summer now(plus the haze + more incoming ones created from the seventh month = VERY HOT. Singapore is gonna turn into a steamboat pretty soon again >_>) doesn’t it makes you wanna eat something to chill yourselves down or something? I kinda melted + drooled N times when I watched the video, okay probably I get very hungry easily at night. hahahaha~

before I knew it, I churn out a long post(probably long time since the time now is….3.26am? NUU. BED BECKONING TIME IS NEARER!)

okay, last one. It’s kinda disturbing when I realised at some point of time….I can see through my parents’ door. I don’t know why I can see that…and funnily, it’s this door that I can see through and that…I can somehow know when the door is gonna open. D:

I KID YOU NOT. Maybe I’m getting tired that I’m seeing things. BUT NUUU. I DONT WANT TO SEE ANYTHING AT THIS POINT FROM NOW THOUGH, NOT UNTIL THE SEVENTH MONTH ENDS. oh hey, it doesn’t make much sense. LOL *washes eyes*

ps: I can’t seems to get Bakemonogatari(this is one “ghost story” that got me addicted :D)’s ED off my head. THE LYRICS IS SO ARGH~ SWEET! 8D
like :

Oh, here is Orihime-sama*,
but where are you, Hikoboshi-sama*?
Wouldn’t it be a little lonely for her?

*-refer to star’s names as in the stars you see at night, not celebrities.
So cute! > w <

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