Sea of Blue


my 2nd attempt to color using drawr, am still grasping how to color the shadows and all.
‘ ^ ‘ o!

Anyways, internship is starting soon and well…I will be a semi-civil servant for 3 months. 😀 New things awaits me and I can hardly wait~! Internship here I come! /o/ Just went down to check out my new working place and my lecturer-in-charge told me it’s “5 mins walk from the MRT station”…apparently the 5 mins does not include the timing of the long underpass you need to walk from the MRT station. orz

then again, I know too well that I can’t complain about distance since my working place is near my home which is so awesome, because the part time jobs I have is always so far away from my home and thus an hour long trip has now reduced to merely 20 odd mins. I’m counting my lucky stars for that. 😀

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