Day 3

Good evening! I just came back not too long ago.

work had finally kick-started and I learned too much today. How so? I realised admin isn’t a job that is  suitable for me. x_x
I’m not too sure whether it is allowed to do so but I read up my google reader from time to time to prevent myself to go to lalaland. Speaking of dozing off, the occurence of it lowered down since there’s work to do. Note that I didn’t said I didn’t doze off but…ahahaha.

Went to TTSH(tan tock seng hospital) for lunch and indeed, there’s a better variety than company’s own canteen. :d

YOSH. my supervisor said that I’m on the right track for the task and apparently asked me to take my own sweet time. LIKE NUUUUU. okay. sleep bug is here to stay 😀

and I realised I’m the first IT internship student. They kinda went O_O! when I told them what I have studied in school…but still let’s just keep my fingers crossed that they don’t ask me questions that are too tough T_T

AH~ I wish to do the website~ mapping courses is killing me…softly. *dies*

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