Day 6

okay, fast post since I’m kinda sleepy anyways = w =

I have been having lunch with my bosses these few days especially since my supervisor has gone to take her exams and wont be around until wednesday. Today is even more epic-er, because I’m alone to eat with the bosses. Then again, the bosses are very friendly people, I think I’m kinda getting well in my job though all the while I’m not too sure what I’m doing actually =x

Dreamweaver-ed the whole day and was told to refine it before tomorrow’s lunch hour. I have completed the troublesome parts so I probably need to touch up on those visual areas. I did the banner, with the help of my boss(seriously, everyone are like…bosses! since they have their high ranks and all) and viola~ I’m done.

SOMETHING DAMN AWESOME HAPPENED TODAY….in a bad way of course. I forgot to bring my IC which is like….if I didn’t bring my IC along, I can forget about coming to work already! I guess this is one of the plus point for your working place to be near your house? I reached home again to retrieve my IC at 8.45 and I still managed to get to work on time. AWESOME RIGHT! well….minus the cab fees, it probably would have been. = w = I frikking took the 8-seater cab(no choice + no time = more money spent) only to realise that I forgot the existence of the morning peak car jam.


let’s see….I went to the wrong block at day 1, I went into the wrong door of my department by day 2 and I was nearly late for work because I forgotten to bring my IC at day 6. I think I still got more epic happenings…probably there’s one tomorrow. hur.

Anyways, I brought Resident Evil Outbreak(dear Cash Converter, without you I will never be able to fill up my prized RE collection. LIKE SERIOUSLY, I brought all my my RE titles via Cash Converter 8D call me cheapskate. haha!) I can’t really play when my parents are around, since they will give me this look and insisted that I have violence tendencies if I have completed the game…like lolwut!

And having 2 copies of RE: Code Veronica is so funny, but no, one of them isn’t mine 😀

and I will be very ronery at work tomorrow, because almost everyone are on course *sobs* I needa start mapping courses again orz. MUST CHARGE HANDPHONE BATTERY!

    • Brenda
    • September 8th, 2009

    hahaz.. 8 seater cab.. i didnt even noe such things existed lor.. I’m also all alone.. Small boss on MC, big boss on leave… 😦 and some pplo here aint friendly at all.. 😦

  1. Finish the “Bad things” list early and everything will be fine…for the year that is.

      • tsun13
      • September 9th, 2009

      @dajie : lol. now you know. hur hur. my supervisor is back today though. haha. Anyways, even if you have to encounter difficult people, experience that kind of feeling! You will be thankful towards them after your internship has finished…thank them for “spicing” up your life a little.
      Enjoy the process! 8D

      @Shion I will try my best to do that! *wipes sweat*
      then again….the year is gonna end pretty soon ehh…. >_>llll

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