Results Day(soon)

Just so if you are living under a stone ever since your new semester had started(year 3 nyp-ians in particular), tomorrow will be results day.

4ab8f7e2z2txNkUpDONT FLY AWAY, MY GPA! T_T

Can’t help feeling the jitters, because I can pretty much know I’m gonna have a drop in my gpa(not that it can helped, I just can’t study huh. =__=ll) While I lament about my failure for being a hardcore mugger, looking on the bright side…pay day is coming soon!

The boss’s boss is such a great guy ;_; even if he went to Japan, he still remember us and brought us some stuffs from land of the rising sun. It’s pretty ironic that he brought us bubble gums though. LOL but never mind! It’s the thought that matters okay! Speaking of kindness, today I was nearly crashed by the mrt monsters-like doors. Thank god a stranger grabbed me in on time before I get slammed by the violent monsters. Thank you stranger! Although I know you wouldn’t be reading this. 🙂

Today(yesterday) is a wonderful day! Let’s hope it’s the same for tomorrow! I HOPE SO! *pup eyes*

AND. I really hope to obtain the bursary! *crosses fingers*

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