More AFA’09 News

This just came in, credits to poster :d

1. New singer is performing… Hatsune Miku…
2. The days for performances
1st day:
Hatsune Miku
Ichiro Mitsuki

2nd day:

3. Stage is no longer ‘opened’ for better sound. A 4 meter wall will be erected.

4. First come first serve for normal ticket holders to concerts.

5. Price for normal entrance,

Adult price,
Single day $15
Double day $25

Single day, $12
2 day, $20

Free, but needs certification by organizers

Children below 12,

6. Price for concert,

One day pass, $108.
Comes with,
1 light stick
Concert pass for 1 day
Starts pre-order 26th Oct 2009…

Two day pass, $188.
comes with,
2 Lights sticks
Concert pass for 2 day.
Starts pre-order 19th Oct 2009…

Can get the tickets from sistic.

7. K-On! Coming to Singapore!!!
Seiyu giving a Q&A, live dubbing…

Hatsune Miku is coming to Singapore!(probably something like Animelo’09?) and *coughs* that goes without saying what package I’m buying. With that, I think I need to put aside my Kinokuniya to-buy list for now.  O w O\

I’m not too sure if I can obtain that diamond pass though(pretty questionable since my pay need 2 more weeks*glup* to process >_>)

😀 I’m excited for AFA’09. SHOKO-TAN!!~ ❤

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