Weekends, over.

Phew, there goes my weekends!

Actually, my weekends are no different from my weekdays. That’s because I often find myself waking up around 5pm-ish. No kidding, paying sleep debts is serious business.

And so, Monday starts! I don’t really dislike the thought of going work though. I think it’s a good sign(although I know I wont be working there for too long T_T) I think it’s always good to find work you like(like duh!)

Tomorrow…hmm. I think study up on more javascript and HTML DOM objects? I thought of doing a prototype for my supervisor(since I’m at my wits end on what to do T_T)

…and yes. Learn how to connect Sharepoint to HTML files too.

ps: and omg. Family Mart’s jingle is so addictive! O w O although I like dirty punk channel’s version more!

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